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Stramin Zweigart with a printed pattern (100% thick). It’s so easy to embroider, even if the color scheme is already applied to the canvas so that there is a color square on the skin of the canvas threads, so it’s simply impossible to be kind. This piece can be embroidered with threads, beads, or a combination of different techniques (for example, embroidering the body with threads and foreground objects with beads). For embroidering with threads, you need either bavon floss, acrylic or thin linen thread. For cross-stitch embroidery, embroider in 3-4 folds. To embroider with a criss-cross stitch or a tapestry stitch, embroider in a single thread (6 folds). To embroider with beads, you will need 10/0 Czech beads or a similar caliber from other embroidery machines. The canvas is of such a size that the “ten” beads fit perfectly, without deleting the gaps and not clashing with each other. Use beads with different characteristics (clear, shiny, matte, etc.) for the best effects. Until the work is completed, the canvas cannot be wetted, even if the starch (pret) and farb are crushed. For immediate use, the finished robot can be gently washed with your hands under warm running water without any strong pain until the water is completely clear. Before sewing, make sure that the threads, beads, stitches you used for embroidering do not fade. Do not press the Viprana embroidery, but let it dry on a horizontal surface; For consumption, carefully press through the side of the collar and through the fabric.

Stretch the finished embroidery onto the cardboard and place it in the frame.

For embroidery, you need a p'alts.

Important! Hoops, frame and mat are not included.

TM Charivnytsia has been producing wonderful sets of fresh European juice for 20 years. In this leather set there is Zweigart canvas with baby, divided into weaves for hand embroidery, threads of Madeira floss in the required colors, a Japanese head with gilding, a color scheme and a detailed plot. Together with a set for cross stitch embroidery, you can easily decorate your interior with a beautiful picture with embroidery.

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