Evdokia (Ephrosyne) Saint of Moscow

Evdokia (Ephrosyne) Saint of Moscow

Size:18x24 cm
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Evdokiya (Efrosinya) Saint of Moscow. The scheme on the fabric for embroidery with beads is applied to the satin fabric, duplicated with two balls of interlining. Together with such a scheme, you take away the barista icon in the technique of embroidery with beads.

Holy Blessed Grand Duchess Evdokia, monastic Euphrosyne. At the Holy Cross, the girl took away the name Evdokiya, which in translation means “good will”. The holiness of St. Euphrosyne was consecrated by the miraculous banners of God's mercy, which were hung on her tomb with a stretch of a century. Holy Righteous Euphrosyne shanuetsya as the patron of families, squads, mothers.

The design was completed with: pearlescent namistins; golden sklyarus; decorative elements.

P.S. Dopovnennya to the scheme - do not dodayutsya.

Beaded - NOT included. At your request, our managers will pick up the scheme.

For schemes of embroidery with beads, a curvilinear technique is used. This technology, on the basis of the traditional "monastic seam", if the embroidery is stitched in rows, creates rich nuances in the image of the little one. Designs in such a technique seem even more striking.

Marichka is a worker who specializes in making sets and patterns for embroidery with beads of icons and paintings, as well as sets for embroidery with stitches.

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