Holy Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica

Holy Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica

Size:12x16 cm
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The diagram on the satin for embroidery with beads from the Ukrainian manufacturer Tela Artis with excellent print quality. Fine details of the image are clearly visible, the depth of dark tones is preserved, which gives a beautiful contrast with bright beads.

The fabric is easily pierced with a needle and does not require the use of a hoop. Beads are not supplied. At your request, our managers will complete the scheme with the necessary beads.

According to the life, Demetrius was the son of a Roman proconsul in Thessalonica. His parents were secret Christians, they baptized their son in the house church and raised in accordance with Christian principles. After the death of his father, Demetrius was appointed by Emperor Galerius to replace him. After receiving the appointment, Demetrius showed himself as an open Christian, preached in the city and converted many of its inhabitants to Christianity.

News of Demetrius' activities reached the emperor. Demetrius distributed his property to the poor, and he himself began to prepare for the martyr's crown. Brought to trial before the emperor, Demetrius confessed himself to be a Christian and was imprisoned. He was later executed.

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