Farby of Ukraine. 24x27 cm

Farby of Ukraine. 24x27 cm

Size:24x27 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Introducing your respect Farbi Ukraine. Set for cross-stitch embroidery (AN-175).

To the warehouse, the set for embroidering with the Ukrainian Farbi cross stitch from the Ukrainian Abris Art includes: Aida 14 canvas of the European weaving, natural bavovna - 34x37 cm; high bavovnya floss Weber Handarbeit (Nimechchina) - 19 colors, 74 m.; needle for embroidery with threads; symbolic scheme-instruction. P.S. The collection is not completed with a baguette and a frame - choose them to your taste!

Set for embroidering with a rahunk cross of Farbi of Ukraine to allow you to embroider a plot that will please you with many farbs. Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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