Size:15x20 cm
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The set includes:

- Colored druk on the fabric of the Airborne Forces (Ukraine),

- Beads Preciosa (Czech Republic),

- Threads Tytan 100 Ariadna (Poland),

- Head Pony (India) or Acre No. 10 (Czech Republic),

- Short instruction.

The pattern is made on a high-quality, high-quality fabric (satin) with the use of modern technologies to prevent the transfer of numbers and the use of human beads. The little one is detailed, easy to read, covered with a safe paper that does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

Satin is the finest fabric, as it is victorious for embroidery with beads.

The fabric is narrower, priemna on dotik, slit, and with it it is easy to pierce with a bare.

Druk on such a fabric is bright, the contours and colors are not spilled, the place for the needles is clearly marked. Such a fabric does not require gluing with interlining, making the embroidery process easier.

Garniy cat, which will be seen in the children's room. When you are blessed, your child can also work.

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