Vesela company

Vesela company

Size:17x17 cm
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Set for making a picture with embroidered beads and sequins. Collecting all the necessary for the work:

• author's druk on fabric (atlas),

• neck: Pony (India),

• DMS sequins (OAE),

• beads: Preciosa (Czech Republic),

• threads Tytan 100 (Ariadna),

• vlizelin,

• instructions.

The pattern is printed on thick, toned fabric using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. The thick texture of the fabric has the advantage of not fraying at the edges, it is easy to pierce with a needle and can be taken on a dot, and does not “break” when sewn. The folded fabric has absolutely no stretch, so when you wear it, it doesn’t lose its shape (doesn’t shrink, doesn’t stretch). The colorful little one is detailed, easy to read, covered with a safe paper that does not wash off with water and preserves its color. You can marvel at the techniques for sewing sequins and beads.

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