Size:25x41.5 cm
Manufacturer:Charivna mit
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The icon, created by one's own hands, carries in itself a special sense. Together with Jesus. Charivna Mit. Type for embroidering with a cross, and take away the unique embroidered icon, so that you take the warmth of your hands.

The Jesus set includes: instructions, color scheme, Aida 16 canvas, Madeira floss, neck.

Charivna Mit is a Ukrainian picker of goods for needlework, who managed to win the trust of rich handicraftsmen.

Під ТМ Charivna Mit there are a large number of sets and schemes for embroidering various embroidery techniques, sets for creativity, and among such leathers you can choose a set for your taste. Assortment of repayments for a wide range of loans - from beginning to end-of-life. Commodities Charivna Mit are equipped only with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, the work with which will bring one satisfaction.

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