Fly agaric and teddy bear

Fly agaric and teddy bear

Size:30x30 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) is one of the best selections of goods for embroidering medium Ukrainian mastrins.

The pattern for embroidery with beads "Amanita and Mishata. Body Artis" is applied to the satin. This material is ideally suited as a base for embroidery with beads, as it can be pierced with a bare needle without difficulty and does not resist a stiff hoop.

An undoubted advantage of the Tela Artis library is also the good readability of the diagrams. In the image, other details can be seen without any problems.

The company's employees select the most favorable materials, and the most hostile stories from the source are filtered to the last detail.

Layout of diagrams is carried out manually by qualified designers and relevant professionals at their disposal. The leather pattern is embellished with a wide palette of beaded colors, which gives the embroidered fabric a remarkable rosy appearance and additional volume.

Beads are not completed.

At your request, the managers of our online store will pick up the necessary materials.

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