Size:20x20 cm
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Fabric with colored paint for embroidery, decorative seams and painting with floss threads.

The pattern is printed on a new, stretchy “Becki” fabric using the latest technologies.

The baby is carefully processed, made of oven-safe fabric, which does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

For your power supply, the circuit can be equipped with floss.

Features of the Becky fabric:

1. *n**n**n**n* It’s easy to embroider on fabric. The head passes through very smoothly, smoothed with natural fabric.

2. *n**n**n**n**n* You can embroider using any technique (cross stitch, cross stitch, satin stitch, as well as all types of decorative stitches).

3. *n**n**n**n**n* Uniform weaving of fibers allows you to knit various materials - beads, threads and sequins...

4. *n**n**n**n**n* The fabric has optimal strength - the thread on the fabric fits well and does not pinch.

5. *n**n**n**n**n* The fabric on the fabric comes out more crisp and saturated.

6. *n**n**n**n**n* The fabric is taken to the dot, which turns embroidery into satisfaction.

7. *n**n**n**n**n* After the aperture does not lose its bitterness and appearance, the apret does not lose its traces.

8. *n**n**n**n**n* The fabric does not wrinkle and does not stretch when embroidered.

Bekki fabric warehouse: 100% polyester.

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