Happiness in the house

Happiness in the house

Size:10x10 cm
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Happiness in the house. A wooden blank for embroidery with beads is a wonderful souvenir, a gift that will protect the happiness of the one for whom it is intended.

Inside the package you will find: a wooden perforated blank with a printed pattern and a scheme for beadwork, a stand, a magnet.

Beads are not included. If the buyer wishes, we will be able to pick up Preciosa Czech beads for the preparation Happiness in the house from the Ukrainian manufacturer Inspiration.

Additionally, in order to create a charm, you will need a thread for beads and a needle.

An embroidered amulet can be attached to a refrigerator or a metal door if you stick a magnet to it, or put it on a stand. Also on top of each blank there are holes through which you can thread a cord or ribbon and use the amulet as a pendant.

Bead decoding (Preciosa):

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