Happiness є!

Happiness є!

Size:5.5x5.5 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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A kit for embroidery with beads from TM "AbrisArt", which results in a perfect souvenir magnet! In the core of the base for embroidery, the AbrisArt fabricator contains a vikorist natural artistic canvas with a small applied pattern (pattern), which separates the whole set from anything else.

Just to show yourself - a wonderful gift for friends and family or decorating the interior of your kitchen - an embroidered hand magnet is a magnet for everything in one evening.

On refrigerators, the items look simply charming, and the reasonable price will definitely be a bonus for purchasing such a set!

In the set you will find everything you need: natural artist’s canvas; Czech beads Preciosa; head for beads; magnet with glue ball; acrylic frame; Instructions

Threads are not included in the set.

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