Spring is sleepy. 23x34 cm

Spring is sleepy. 23x34 cm

Size:23x34 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Style, rigor, vishukanist testimony on black canvas. Chervoni, gold and bright metal are looking miraculously on this canvas. The picture will become an invisible subject of your interior.

We present to your respects Sonjachny spring. Kit for cross stitch embroidery (AN-121).

To the warehouse, the set for embroidering with rahunkov's cross "Sonyachna spring" from the Ukrainian weaving Abris Art includes: canvas of the European weaving Aida 14, natural bavovna - 35 * 45 cm; high bavovnya floss Weber Handarbeit (Nimechchina) - 9 colors, 37 m.; metallized thread; beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic); needles for embroidery; symbolic scheme-instruction. P.S. The collection is not completed with a baguette and a frame - choose them to your taste!

Set for embroidering with a rahunkov cross. Sonyachnaya spring, let you embroider a plot that will delight you with rich farbs. Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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