Tuileries Garden. 28x50 cm

Tuileries Garden. 28x50 cm

Size:28x50 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Tuileries Garden. Kit for cross stitch embroidery (AN-057).

The picture carries light, sophistication, originality, a feeling of joy and those that you can reach with your hand to one of the most familiar, recognizable monuments to the world. This sporudzhennya is the Eiffel Tower. I’ll just lose my breath. Feel and feel the emotions on yourself!

To the warehouse set for embroidering with a rahunkov cross Garden Tuilri from the Ukrainian weaving Abris Art includes: Aida canvas of the European weaving 14 (colored ecru), natural bavovna - 38*60 cm; high quality floss, natural bavovna -169m; symbolic scheme; needle for embroidery; report instruction.

Set for embroidery with a rahunkov cross Garden Tuilri allow you to sew a plot, which will please you with many farbs. Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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