Oranges ripened in the warm sun

Oranges ripened in the warm sun

Size:35.5x26.5 cm
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Charivna Mit is a Ukrainian picker of goods for needlework, who managed to win the trust of rich handicraftsmen.

Під ТМ Charivna Mit there are a large number of sets and schemes for embroidering various embroidery techniques, sets for creativity, and among such leathers you can choose a set for your taste. Assortment of repayments for a wide range of loans - from beginning to end-of-life. Commodities Charivna Mit are equipped only with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, the work with which will bring one satisfaction.

Still lifes were always adored with a copy of quiet speeches, which you don’t like originals. Together with a set of oranges, they ripened in the warm exchanges of the sun. Charivna Mit. Set for embroidery with threads on the canvas with a little applied, you can see yourself as an artist and create a delicious masterpiece with the help of a moulin. Vishita picture vіdmіnno pіdіyde to embellish the interior of the kitchen or vital and add to them the warmth of pіvdennogo sun.

set of Oranges, matured in warm weather to enter: instructions, color symbolic scheme, fabric for embroidery with applied little, Madeira floss - 24 colors and neck.

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