Magnit Piglet

Magnit Piglet

Size:11x13 cm
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Piglet magnet. A set of diamond painting from the Ukrainian design studio Oleksiy Solovyova ArtSolo is the best set for creating a unique magnet in the diamond technique.

By analogy with the paintings for the numbers, the leather case of the canvas is filled with the song color of the farb, in the diamond technique, it is laid out, or the layout of the mosaic behind the scheme with rhinestones.

Included in the set: plastic base with applied scheme and glue ball; plastic rhinestones - 1410 pcs; stylus with wax for laying; magnet.

Piglet. A set of diamond painting to help create an original embellishment, which can be put on the refrigerator or another metal surface.

A child's theme set will turn you into a childishness so that you can get your child and get to the world of diamond painting.

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