House in the woods. Autumn

House in the woods. Autumn

Size:28.5x41 cm
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A set of diamond painting from the Ukrainian design studio of Alexei Solovyov ArtSolo is a high-quality set for creating a decorative element that will attract attention and highlight your talents.

Diamond painting or diamond mosaic, or diamond embroidery is the laying out of colorful rhinestones of colorful paintings according to the pattern applied to the canvas, on a pre-glued base. The drawing scheme is applied to the base and each color is marked with a specific symbol, letter or number.

The finished picture, the icon is obtained volumetric due to the pyramidal shape of rhinestones with shiny edges. Shimmering in the light, the facets of the rhinestones give shine, while maintaining the diamond pattern, thanks to the rich colors of the rhinestones themselves.

It is very easy to bring an original and bright accent to the interior, together with the House in the Forest. Autumn. Diamond painting set.

In the set House in the forest. Autumn. The set of diamond painting includes: a plastic base with an applied scheme and an adhesive layer; plastic rhinestones; tweezers or stylus with wax for laying out.

Number of crystals: 18582 pcs.

Thanks to high-quality materials and interesting stories, you will enjoy both the work process and the finished result.

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