Before the Holidays. 48x28 cm

Before the Holidays. 48x28 cm

Size:48x28 cm
Manufacturer:Nova Sloboda
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Day before Christmas. Nabir for embroidery with threads will allow you to create a scarf embroidery.

New river - the hour of change, the hour of the new, the hour of the unfinished, the hour of riddles, the hour of mirroring, the hour of reflection, the cob. Everything is reset to zero and we start the river with new forces, with new goals, which we want to reach in the whole river. You will definitely reach one point for sure, as if you will receive an eye - tse embroidery with threads. This new landscape will surely guide you to the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The set ahead of the day will include: canvas Aida 16 (white color); floss Avrora 120; neck; color-symbol scheme; instruction.

For more than twelve years now, the Ukrainian collection of goods for needlework NOVA SLOBODA (Nova Sloboda) helps the craftsmen to create their own masterpieces with their own hands.

The range of products presented in the catalog of the company Nova Sloboda is great, to avenge: sets for embroidery with threads; sets for embroidery with beads; sets for sewing lyalok and other.

Through the efforts of creative fahivtsiv of the company, the assortment is regularly updated.

The theme of TM NOVA SLOBODA is also hostile. In the midst of anonymous original plots, you will find paintings with Russian motives, genre pictures and images of women, childish themes, creatures, coma and blizzards, as well as anonymous other motives.

Soak in the original and unique world of needlework in Novaya Sloboda!

P.S. Frame and passe-partout are not included!

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