Kvitkovy study

Kvitkovy study

Size:27.5x26 cm
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Set for embroidering a picture with beads in the form of a Ukrainian weeder. The set includes fabrics with an applied baby, Preciosa beads (Czech Republic), Tytan 100 Ariadna threads (Poland), Pony head (India) or Akra No. 10 (Czech Republic), short instruction.

The fabric is satin satin (100% polyester) of high quality, easily pierced with a needle and sown in any light, does not stretch in the process and always perfectly shows off the beads in the picture. The little one is detailed, easy to read, covered with a safe paper that does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

Replace the transfer of numbers and you need to wash Preciosa beads (Czech Republic).

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