Radiant life!

Radiant life!

Size:14.8x21 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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In our time, making a gift for a loved one is easy. And make an original gift and add a new touch of your warmth and love with a kit for embroidery with beads of leaflets from the TM "AbrisArt".

The leaflet is ready, hung by you on a high-fabric linen, raising all doubts, bringing your loved ones much more satisfaction, the lower leaflet is folded over the paper.

Leather set-sheet for embroidery with beads from TM "AbrisArt" contains: natural artistic canvas with applied images-scheme; Preciosa beads (Czech Republic) No. 10; bead head; cardboard leaflet blank; the front side of the leaflet with an image-scheme applied; double-sided backing tape, 3mm thick; detailed step-by-step instructions for preparing a voluminous leaflet.

On the set-envelope, you can write special notes and include banknotes as a gift for your relatives and friends.

The company "AbrisArt" is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of handicrafts in the world. In our assortment you will find a variety of products for creativity in a variety of techniques.

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