Mikolajczyk. 10x14 cm

Mikolajczyk. 10x14 cm

Size:10x14 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis is one of the leading manufacturers of products for embroidery of Ukrainian designs. The company's employees select the most favorable materials, and the most hostile stories from the source are filtered to the last detail. Together with the Artis Body set, you get the original decoration of the interior.

The set includes: DMC sectional manual floss; floss DMC - 7 colors and head; plain weave fabric Brittney Lugana 28ct color 264; color scheme of embroidery with a QR code for downloading a file in the .saga format; Sharmik and Gudzik; The instructions for embroidery are correct.

The size of the work in crosses: 60 x 80, number of stitches: 2722.

Viconnian technique: rakhunkovy cross.

Designer: Getman Alina

The set does not come with a baguette, mat or bow, please choose them to your liking.

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