Size:15x15 cm
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Despite the relatively short period of work, the Ukrainian company Light of Opportunities has already become well known to needlewomen.

The main feature of Light of Possibilities sets is that they are mainly produced on 14 and 16 count canvas, which is suitable for embroiderers who find it difficult to embroider on fine canvas. At the same time, the schemes are carefully worked out, smooth transitions of tones and balanced colors of the plots help to create bright and beautiful works that will look beautiful in a designed form in almost any interior.

Birds. A kit for embroidery with threads is an unpretentious plot that will not take much time, but will bring a feeling of lightness and cheer you up.

The Birds set from World of Possibilities includes: instructions; 14 printed Aida canvas; floss threads PNK named after Kirov; needle.

P.S. The frame and mat are not included in the package.

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