Saint Ariadne (Arina)

Saint Ariadne (Arina)

Size:10x15 cm
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The basis of each of the works that you create with our help is a natural art canvas, similar to the one on which artists paint. Thanks to him, all the elements that the artist created, creating a picture, based on which a scheme for embroidery was developed, are transmitted with maximum accuracy.

Each of the sets includes: beads (Japan, Czech Republic), canvas with a printed pattern (scheme), beaded needles, instructions. The set is arranged in a cardboard box, which, in addition to its presentable appearance, also has a functional purpose - the canvas is reliably protected from external mechanical influences, removing it from the box, you see it in its original form, without creases and folds.

The set is accompanied by a detailed biography of the saint, days of remembrance, a prayer to the saint, as well as a prayer before starting any business and a prayer before embroidery.

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