Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer for Ukraine

Size:25x31 cm
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Ukrainian weaver Povna Skrinya offers a wide range of products for embroidery.

The main direct way of TM Povna Skrinya is the creation of schemes for embroidery of icons. But the company's products are not mixed with religious motives, goods will please lovers, like embroidered threads, and beads. You can choose a skin or choose a scheme for embroidering to your liking.

Rіzdvyanі, novоrіchі є one of the most important family saints. New river - the hour of change, the hour of the new, the hour of the cob. This is the hour for embroidery with beads with new motifs, just to embellish sacredly.

Prayer for Ukraine. The scheme for embroidery with beads is applied on gabardine, on a thin non-woven base. The fabric is shiny, easily pierced by a bare.

The little one is clear, yaskravy, steadfast to the bitterness.

P.S. Beads are NOT completed.

If necessary, our managers will supply you with the necessary components.

Bead decoding (Preciosa):

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