Southern motives 2

Southern motives 2

Size:28x28 cm
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Create a vibrant picture using the beadwork technique with the Southern Motifs Set 2.

Butterfly complements the kits with quality materials. The picture will delight the views of the welcome guests and give moral pleasure to a true esthete.

In Southern motives 2. The kit for embroidery with beads includes: fabric with a printed full-color pattern, beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic), a needle for embroidery, instructions.

Technique: line stitch, different icons on the pattern can be sewn with the same color of beads.

Ukrainian trade mark Butterfly is a manufacturer of kits for embroidery with beads.

The main symbol of the Butterfly company is a butterfly. In the cultures of many peoples of the world, it is considered a symbol of joy and happiness. Therefore, the embroidered picture created thanks to the embroidery kits of this brand will also bring a piece of joy and decorate your home, or it will become a wonderful gift.

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