Saint Xenia

Saint Xenia

Size:230x300 mm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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The basis of the skin icon, which you create with the help of kits for embroidery with beads from TM "AbrisArt" - this is a natural artistic canvas with an applied pattern (pattern), which enhances this kit as if it were something else. Therefore, all elements of the icon are transmitted with maximum accuracy.

The leather kit for embroidery with icon beads from TM "AbrisArt" includes: Preciosa beads (Czech Republic); we will apply the canvas with a paint job (pattern); bead heads; reporting instructions; a report on the life of a saint, days of remembrance, a prayer to a saint and a prayer before a cob of embroidery.

The sets do not come with a frame or baguette - choose them to your liking!

A set of designs for a cardboard box, which in addition to a presentable external appearance also has functional significance - the canvas and all other materials are reliably protected from modern mechanical injections.

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