Music lover

Music lover

Size:47x36 cm
Manufacturer:Quick tapestry
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Quick Tapestry (Quick-Tapestry) introduces innovative kits for embroidering pictures with yarn; one picture can be embroidered in just a month! And the motto of these paintings - belle tapisserie très vite - is translated from French as "a tapestry garnish even faster."

The core of the base contains German Zweigart stramine (solid plain canvas), on which a color scheme is already applied with an exact match of colors with the threads of the canvas. There is a colored square on the skin, making it very easy to embroider. The picture is embroidered with half-cross stitch using yarn (polished acrylic 100%). The finished embroidery needs to be stretched onto cardboard and inserted into a frame.

A set for embroidery of a picture includes a canvas with a baby, yarn, a needle and an instruction.

Size: 47 x 36 cm

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