Size:18.5x15.5 cm
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Fabric with a colored dot for embroidering a picture on a hoop with decorative stitches using floss and beads.

The pattern is printed on a new, stretchy “Becki” fabric using the latest technologies. The baby is carefully processed, made of oven-safe fabric, which does not wash off with water and preserves its color.

8 advantages of the new fabric:

1. Instead of other sewing machines, we produce fabric that is easy to embroider on. The head passes through very smoothly, smoothed with thick natural fabric.

2. You can embroider using any technique (cross stitch, cross stitch, satin stitch, as well as all types of decorative stitches).

3. The even weave of the fibers allows the knitting of different materials - beads, threads and tassels, etc.

4. Optimal strength - the thread on the fabric lies well and does not pinch.

5. The hand on the fabric comes out more crisp and saturated.

6. I’m already accepting the dose, which transforms my satisfaction into satisfaction.

7. After the apricot does not lose its bitterness and appearance, the apricot does not lose its traces.

8. The fabric does not wrinkle and does not stretch when embroidered.

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