Savior of the world. Based on Leonardo da Vinci

Savior of the world. Based on Leonardo da Vinci

Size:36.5x51.5 cm
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Savior of the world. Based on Leonardo da Vinci. Charivna Mity. The cross stitch kit will allow you to create a canvas by one of the most famous Italian masters with your own hands, whose brushes belong to many, many masterpieces.

Unlike a painter, your instrument will not be brushes, canvas and paints, but threads and a needle.

The Savior of the World Charivna MitCharivna Mit kit includes: instructions, color symbolic scheme, Aida 16 canvas, Madeira floss - 29 colors, Preciosa Ornela beads (Czech Republic) - 2 colors (2 sizes), Crystal Art beads - 1 color and needles.

Charivna Mity is a Ukrainian manufacturer of handicraft products, which has won the trust of many needlewomen.

Under the TM Charivna Mit, a large number of sets and patterns for embroidery of various embroidery techniques, sets for creativity are produced, among which everyone can choose a set to their liking. The assortment is designed for a wide range of consumers - from beginners to experienced needlewomen. Charivna Mit's products are completed only with high quality and environmentally friendly materials, which will bring a pleasure to work with.

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