Licorice is holy

Licorice is holy

Size:103x95 mm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Set for cross-stitch embroidery with volumetric embellishment

Respect! A QR code is added to the scheme, after which embroiderers who use the SAGA add-on can retrieve the scheme exported to it.

The set is completed with canvas 390*340mm in white color, count 18 and additional holofiber, decorative stitching and PRECIOSA beads No. 10 and No. 4 - beads, a neck for embroidery with beads.

Kit for embroidery with cross stitch volumetric embellishment “Holy Licorice” - this is a wonderful kit for creating volumetric embellishment using the rakhunkovy cross stitch technique. Speeches, which were prepared with strong hands, are always close to the heart and the greatest gifts, so Abris Art asks you to give yourself and your loved ones the holy spirit of the Cossacks.

“Holy to licorice” - this is the volumetric embellishment of the appearance of a 3D gingerbread budinochka, filled with hypoallergenic holofiber and embellished with decorated namistins. This embroidered little booth will be a unique addition to the hour of decorating the Vlasna donkey to the saints, even to the ancient times.

This decoration can be hung either on a stick or as a part of a folding composition. The “Holy Licorice” set is unique in that our designers created the skin part with a unique and varied design. The skin wall of the bed contains other elements that will be clearly visible to both children and adults. It’s impossible to get such a ready-made meal!

We create masterpieces at once with Abris Art!

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