Teinopalpus imperialis (magnet)

Teinopalpus imperialis (magnet)

Size:14.5x12.5 cm
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A set for laying out with diamond technique from the Ukrainian design studio of Aleksey Solovyov ArtSolo Imperial Teinopalpus is a high-quality set for creating a unique picture.

The set includes: plastic canvas with an adhesive layer, acrylic rhinestones, tweezers, magnet and instructions.

The finished product-butterfly will decorate your interior. A magnet created with the Teinopalpus imperial diamond kit can be attached to a refrigerator or any other metal surface.

The Teinopalpus genus includes 3 species of butterflies, of which the Imperial Telnopalpus is the most famous, and the other two species that live in southern China are so rare that they can only be seen in large museum collections. The wings of the male are colored in a strikingly rich sparkling velvety green. A bright orange stripe runs from the anterior edge of the hind wing to its middle, the width and shape of which varies in different subspecies. Long tails with yellow tips are the same width along their entire length. The favorite places of the males are the wooded peaks of the mountains, where they jealously guard their territories from rivals. The intruder is immediately expelled. Females are very different from males in color. Their hind wings end with three tails, of which the longest is curved like a samurai sword and, like that of a male, is painted bright yellow at the end. The butterfly is very rare: it flies in dense forests at an altitude of 2000-3500 m above sea level. You can see only males who drink water from puddles in the morning.

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