Teinopalpus imperialis (Teinopalpus imperialis) (magnet)

Teinopalpus imperialis (Teinopalpus imperialis) (magnet)

Size:14.5x12.5 cm
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Set for laying with diamond technique from the Ukrainian design studio Oleksiy Solovyova ArtSolo Teinopalpus imperial - the whole set for creating a unique picture.

The set includes: plastic canvas with glue ball, acrylic rhinestones, tweezers, magnet and instructions.

Ready virib-blizzard to decorate your interior. Magnit, creations for additional set in diamond technology Teinopalpus imperial can be attached to the refrigerator or be it another metal surface.

To the genus of teinopalpus, there are 3 species of panicles, of which the most common are the imperial palpus, and the other two species that linger on the pivdni of China, the floorings are rare, which can only be found in the great museum collections. The krill of the male were harvested in a range of velvety-green colors. From the anterior edge of the hind wing to the middle of the wing, a bright orange smuga passes, the width and shape of which vary in different subspecies. Dovgі tails with yellow tips can be the same width along the whole length. The favorite places of males are the leafy tops of the gir, the girls jealously protect their territories like superniks. The uninvited guest scurries around negligently. The females are taken from the males according to the barn. Their hind wings end in three tails, with such a long-standing fold of a samurai sword, like a male, pofarbovaniya on kіntsi in a bright-yellow color. The blizzard flutters rather rarely: it flies in dense forests at an altitude of 2000-3500 m above the sea level. Only males can be pumped, like vranci sip water from the kalyuzh.

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