Sonyashniki. Novorichny cool

Sonyashniki. Novorichny cool

Size:9x9 cm
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The Ukrainian trade mark Nathnennya has made a name for itself among needlewomen. The set of patterns for embroidering in the same virobnik made hearts rich and rich mastrin with high quality of victorious materials and a dazzling final result.

The company has developed a series of kits for creating volumetric patterns using diamond painting technology.

The finished bag can be placed in a bowl, decorated or used as a new toy.

Dormouse. New student. Set of diamond painting complete with acid materials.

The kit includes: a plastic blank with a printed scheme and a glue ball, round diamonds, packaged in bags (a special sticker with the name of the color is glued on the leather bag), a stylus with a wax line.

Also, in the middle, you can find the report instruction, which describes in detail the stages of work and folding the cooler.

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