From Ukraine!. d-15 cm

From Ukraine!. d-15 cm

Size:d -15 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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We present our respects to you from Ukraine! Kit for cross stitch embroidery (ANM-066).

The kit for embroidery with rakhunkov cross from Ukraine is in stock! from the Ukrainian printed canvas Abris Art includes: European printed canvas Aida 14, natural canvas - 22x22 cm; high-quality cotton floss Weber Handarbeit (Nimechina) - 6 colors, 15 m.; head for embroidery; symbolic diagram-instruction; decorative hoops with screws (black), which can be used as a frame for embroidered work (d - 17 cm). P.S. The set does not come with a baguette or frame - choose them to your liking!

Dial for embroidery with a rahunk cross Mi from Ukraine! let you see the plot, which will please you with many farbs. Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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