Pidviska. Black rabbit

Pidviska. Black rabbit

Size:8 cm
Manufacturer:Tela Artis
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Tela Artis (Body Artis) is one of the best selections of products for embroidering middle Ukrainian mastrings. The practitioners of the company choose the best materials, and the most striking plots from the source of the collection are processed to rubbish.

The layout of the schemes is carried out manually by certified designers, qualified professionals in their own right. The skin scheme is inspired by a wide palette of colors for beads, which gives the embroidered canvas a marvelous barveness and additional volume.

Pidviska. Black rabbit. Scheme for embroidering with beads to allow you to create a Christmas decor, which I will embellish, as if not rozіb'єtsya, on the vіdmіnu vіd sklyanіh іrashok, and more than one river will delight you.

Schemes for embroidery with beads from Body Artis are good to read. In the image, you can see the details without any problems.

On the scheme, two symmetrical parts are given, the trims are hung. The figurine can be decorated as: a pendant, a toy, a brooch, or a patch on a garment.

To pick up a toy, you need: sew insults in parts with beads; virіzati їх along the contour; sew from the front side with a seam over the edge or decorate with beads; sew a loop on the beast; so that the figurine would be voluminous like a holofiber, but if you want it to be flat, then insert cardboard.

Vikonanny technique: seam back neck.

P.S. Beads are not completed. At your request, the managers of our online store will pick up the necessary materials.

The secret of the Artis Body Company is in love for one's work and in the mine work and goodness.

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