Roku Dragon symbol

Roku Dragon symbol

Size:17x17 cm
Manufacturer:Bead Patterns
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Virobnik Paintings with beads are presented on the market widely and do not bother to please their shanuvalniks with an expanded assortment of plots, motives and now already icons.

The founders of the brand are two experienced knitters with great experience, who can and want to share the knowledge of their clients. Creating new plots, spіvrobіtniki Pictures with beads are smeared in the life of such an authentic art, like embroidery, and give it a new sound and a friend of life.

Symbol of Roku Dragon. Pattern for embroidery with beads. Gabardine fabric with a baby pattern applied. Include a card with recommended colors of Preciosa beads (the intensity of the beads and the weight in grams are indicated). Clarity of instructions.

The thickness of the fabric allows the material to show through the beads, with which you will not have problems with piercing the fabric with a needle.

Note: Beads are not supplied.

P.S. At your request, our managers will pick up the necessary beads.

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