Orchid Inspiration

Orchid Inspiration

Size:24x61 cm
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A painting that grabs your attention and dazzles the eye. Orchid Inspiration. Bead embroidery kit. At the same time, the design of your room, and any room where the picture will be, will be creative and unique.

The embroidery kit from the Ukrainian manufacturer Canvas Magic includes: canvas with a printed pattern (gabardine duplicated by non-woven fabric); beads made in the Czech Republic Preciosa No. 10; instructions for embroidery with beads.

In kits for embroidery with beads of pictures, a compacted knurling with a designer pattern and an applied pattern is used, the pictures look natural. Due to all this, after embroidering pictures with beads, you will have in your hands a real masterpiece that will decorate any interior or will serve as a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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