In a Japanese garden

In a Japanese garden

Size:33x60 cm
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In work with In the Japanese garden. The canvas with the applied pattern will not arise any difficulties, and the finished embroidery will delight you with a bright plot.

Printed canvas is a great option for beginner embroiderers. And for experienced craftswomen, this is an opportunity to take a break from complex processes. After all, the drawing applied to the canvas allows you to embroider a picture without using additional schemes, and without resorting to the "counted cross" technique. Together with such a canvas, you can embroider in places where it is inconvenient to lay out the pattern (for example, on an airplane, on the beach). And the embroidery will turn out in a shorter time compared to embroidery using the "counted cross" technique.

As a basis, the manufacturer of Svit Mozlivosti uses a canvas - Aida 14. It is a rigid fabric with 4x4 threads interlacing and clearly defined squares. On such a canvas, the crosses are always smooth and beautiful. And thanks to its rigidity, you can embroider on it without a hoop, which will also facilitate the work of novice craftswomen.

The set for each scheme includes decoding of floss threads: DMC, Anchor, Finca, Madeira, Gamma, Kirov PNK.

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