Novorichna Yalinka. 19x22 cm

Novorichna Yalinka. 19x22 cm

Size:19x22 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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Novorichna Yalinka. Kit for cross stitch embroidery (AN-090).

New river - the hour of change, the hour of the new, the hour of the unknown, the hour of riddles, the hour of reflection, the hour of mirkuvan, the cob. Everything is reset and we start with new forces, with new goals, which we want to reach in the whole world. You will definitely reach one point for sure, as if you would be a receptionist for the eye - tse embroidery with a cross. Under Novy Rik, I want to be assimilated, calm. Embroidered with a cross with new ornaments and themes, as if to crush your sacredly accepted and unforgettable.

To the warehouse, the set for embroidering with a rahunkovy cross stitch Novorychna yalinka from the Ukrainian weaving Abris Art includes: canvas of the European weaving Aida 14 (blue color), natural bavovna - 32 * 32 cm; high-strength floss Weber Handarbeit (Nimechchina) - 29 stitches, natural bavovna - 46 m (including 7 m of decorative metal thread - gold); needle for embroidery; symbolic scheme; report instruction.

P.S. The set is NOT completed with a baguette and a frame - choose them to your taste!

Set for embroidery with a rahunkov cross Such a picture will surely please the eye.

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