Tree of Life. 27x37 cm

Tree of Life. 27x37 cm

Size:27x37 cm
Manufacturer:Abris Art
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A set for embroidered paintings with a cross stitch from TM "AbrisArt" will bring an additional note of warmth and calm to your end. Such a picture would also be a wonderful gift for loved ones - even the most beautiful gift for the one with the greatest gift! And the final meanings are not important - what is important is what emotions will be removed during these unfinished years - if you embroider the picture in

The embroidery kit includes: natural artist's buffalo Aida canvas in a white color, larger than the size of the finished painting; floss threads (100% bavovna) 7 colors on a hand organizer, with a reserve of 10%; neck for vyshyvannya; symbolic diagram and reporting instructions on the back of the package.

Embroidery technique - rakhunkovy cross.

Size: 27 x 37 cm

Important! The set does not come with a baguette.

The author's kits for cross stitch embroidery have a stylish contemporary design, complete with embroidered canvas and floss of European weaving, which are hand-placed on a cardboard organizer, as well as a detailed color symbolic scheme, specially designed by our designers for The following set of instructions includes instructions with a description of all types of cross stitches that Check out the recommendations for the design of the cross-stitched work so that the cob can be easily oriented during the embroidery process. Any patterns for embroidery can be entered with a QR code, so that the embroidery holder, which is tinted with the SAGA add-on, can retrieve the previously exported pattern for cross-stitch embroidery.

Make kits for embroidering pictures with beads from TM "AbrisArt" and create stylish elements for your interior decor!

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