Size:d17.5 cm
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Set for embroidering with beads and floss on soft canvas "Becky" with tassels-frame DMS from the Ukrainian weeder Canvas "Becky" is a receiver on a dot, it is easy to pierce with a robot, the thread kicks evenly.

P'yaltsі-frame DMS is ideally suited for morning fabrics for an hour of embroidery and a little finished work.

To Leto's warehouse. Set for embroidery in mixed technique (beads + threads) includes: soft canvas "Becky" with the author's color friend of the Airborne Forces; p'yaltsya-frame DMS z pіdvіsom; 100% Silkindian floss; head for embroidery Pony; Preciosa beads; Pony bead head; thread for embroidery with beads Ariadna; felt for decorating the back part of the work; short instruction-scheme.

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