In my mother's dimensions

In my mother's dimensions

Size:30x30 cm
Manufacturer:Nova Sloboda
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Set for embroidery with beads from TM “NOVA SLOBODA”.

All sets are equipped with branded materials and the necessary storage for a comfortable and convenient embroidery process, as well as: fabric with a pattern applied for embroidery; beads Slovenska Busa No. 10; Preciosa beads No. 10 thread for beads and head for embroidery with beads; color-symbol scheme and instructions.

The company “NOVA SLOBODA” is one of the largest manufacturers of handicraft kits in Ukraine. For over 18 years now, the company has been creating beauty, including the most humorous ideas, original, unlike any other kits for embroidery with threads, beads, kits for sewing dolls and creative needlework. Handicraft from “NOVA SLOBODA” is about experimentation and innovation, going beyond the everyday, a new look at traditional embroidery. The assortment includes over 1,500 items of kits for embroidery of paintings, icons, kits for making anniversary cards and sewing dolls. A great team of professionals with extensive knowledge of work and special creative expressions of traditional hobbies work on the creation of designs and development of schemes. The current production base allows us to introduce any bright ideas and unique technologies, which result in the production of a whole range of goods, which have no analogues on the handicraft market.

The traditional type of handicraft - embroidery with threads and beads - is becoming a fashionable and trendy hobby for us. Pick up “NOVASLOBODA” and embroider it the best!

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