sleeping angel

sleeping angel

Size:56x56 cm
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Diamond painting or diamond mosaic is the laying out of colorful paintings with acrylic pebbles according to a pattern applied to a canvas covered with an adhesive layer. Unlike embroidery, Diamond Embroidery requires less effort and time, and the result is bright, rich and sparkling.

The set includes: a canvas with a printed symbolic scheme and an adhesive base for laying out stones. The symbolic scheme is covered with a film on top. Provided with a key to the diagram and detailed instructions, tweezers, a pencil with a silicone pad, acrylic square top faceted stones, packaged in bags. The set also includes a small plate for easy work with stones. The set is packed in a dense cardboard box that reliably protects the components from damage and has a presentable appearance.

At the end of the work, it is recommended to press the stones tightly so that complete fixation occurs and the finished work is covered with acrylic varnish.

The finished work looks colorful and original. The finished product can be used as a decoration for the interiors of houses, as well as become an unusual gift.

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