Size:69x104 cm
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The absolute novelty in the world of needlework - kits for painting with rhinestones (diamond painting or diamond painting).

The set includes: a dense plastic base for laying out stones on the front side of which is applied a 3D volumetric background pattern and a high-quality self-adhesive color scheme The plastic base is a solid canvas with a voluminous picture. The symbol scheme is covered with an adhesive film and a protective transparent film on top. A key to the scheme and detailed instructions in Russian, tweezers, plastic round stones from below (about 2.5 mm in size) are provided, an additional cut, packaged in bags, is made at the top of the strazik. The set also includes a small plate for convenience in the process of working with small strazikami and wax applicator pencil (or a pencil with silicone). At the end of work it is necessary to go over the picture with a rolling pin or a glass bottle to reinforce the stones in the scheme.

The finished work looks very bright, original and volume, a full-fledged 3D picture.

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