Vilensk Ostrobramsky Icon of the Mother of God near the city of Kiev

Vilensk Ostrobramsky Icon of the Mother of God near the city of Kiev

Size:26x36 cm
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Vilensk Ostrobramsky Icon of the Mother of God near the city of Kiev. The scheme on the fabric for embroidery with beads is applied to the satin fabric, duplicated with two balls of interlining. Together with such a scheme, you take away the barista icon in the technique of embroidery with beads.

The Vilensko - Ostrobramsk Icon of the Mother of God, known as the Ostrobramsk, Ostrovratna, Korsunsk Icon of the Mother of God, was deeply shanoved among Catholics and Orthodox Churches and Western Churches.

On the day of its creation and donina, the miraculous icon of the Immaculate Divi decorated the temple of the capital of Ukraine. Mother and Intercessor of the whole Christian family, the Most Holy Theotokos, granting the unbearable diva that grace for the prayers of her children, who offer their prayers before the Icon of Ostrobramskaya near the city of Kiev ..

The image of the Heavenly Patron of the temple in the city of Kiev is with the power to move people, you can heal in the absence of a child, take away the grace-filled power to fight addictions, calmness, devilish moods. At the prayers of Ostrobramsk, the Bogomatir “turned” the people who had arisen, the stolen children, unleashed dumbness, brought deathly dashes, helped to find a calm soul, and helped to overcome other everyday difficulties.

The design was completed with: pearlescent namistins; golden sklyarus; decorative elements.

P.S. Dopovnennya to the scheme - do not dodayutsya.

Beaded - NOT included. At your request, our managers will pick up the scheme.

For schemes of embroidery with beads, a curvilinear technique is used. This technology, on the basis of the traditional "monastic seam", if the embroidery is stitched in rows, creates rich nuances in the image of the little one. Designs in such a technique seem even more striking.

Marichka is a worker who specializes in making sets and patterns for embroidery with beads of icons and paintings, as well as sets for embroidery with stitches.

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