Hour of Miracles

Hour of Miracles

Size:10.5x7.5 cm
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Yalinkova igrashka is a decorative element, without which it is impossible to reveal the winter holy. Vishivka add special atmosphere. Create a Christmas decor, which I will embellish, as if not rozіb'єtsya, on the vіdmіnu vіd vіd skanіh yalinkovy іrashok, and more than one river will delight you.

Hour of miracles. A set of plastic toys will become an original decoration for the New Year's Eve until the winter holidays. plastic canvas Aida 14; Preciosa beads; DMC floss; threads for embroidery with beads; heads for beads and floss; additional decor; diagram and explanation.

TM Kolorova is pleased with its sets of toys in a plastic base. Do not flood any qi sets with canoes.

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